Download the TRIPP BLS (PDF)The Second Edition of the Teaching Resource for Instructors in Prehospital Pediatrics (TRIPP) is a significant educational adjunct that empowers instructors of ambulance personnel to provide comprehensive training in the assessment and treatment of critically ill and injured children.

This is not a course, nor is it a curriculum. It is an encyclopedic resource that is being used nationwide, and in over 60 countries around the world.

This second edition of the Basic Life Support TRIPP incorporates the most recent guidelines of the American Heart Association, and includes several new chapters, including Cultural Competence and Family Centered Care, as well as an expanded version of Disaster Management.

All versions of the TRIPP were developed with the input of national experts in pediatrics, emergency medicine, EMS and EMSC, as well as the target audience, the instructors themselves. They have our continuing gratitude and admiration.


Download the TRIPP Basic Life Support: Teaching Resource for Instructors in Prehospital Pediatrics (PDF)