Paramedic TRIPP

Download the Paramedic TRIPP (PDF)A natural and logical sequel to the national award-winning Teaching Resource for Instructors in Prehospital Pediatrics (TRIPP), the paramedic version expands the scope of prehospital practice from basic to advanced life support procedures for children.

Neither a course nor a curriculum, the Paramedic TRIPP is an encyclopedic resource that empowers instructors of ambulance personnel to provide comprehensive training in the assessment and treatment of critically ill and injured children.

It was developed with the input of national experts in pediatrics, emergency medicine, EMS and EMSC, as well as the target audience, the paramedic instructors themselves.

The Paramedic TRIPP incorporates the most recent guidelines of the American Heart Association, covers the objectives of the U.S. Department of Transportation National Standard Curriculum for Paramedics, and is consistent with the recommendations outlined in Education of Out-of-Hospital Emergency Medical Personnel in Pediatrics: Report of a National Task Force.


Download the Paramedic TRIPP (PDF)